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Guangzhou-mao Trade Co., Ltd. is one approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade filing of private enterprises. Company to agricultural production, acquisition, sales for the main body, and set agricultural brokerage services, and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business in one of the agricultural industrialization key export enterprises. While for all customs clearance formalities for your peace of mind. Founded in October 2010, with the company many years of experience and quality products, the company's products in the five Central Asian countries occupy a certain market share. In the process of development, continue to communicate with the rest of the world agricultural enterprises, the rapid accumulation of experience, companies have been expanding, growing source of connection and Central Asia sales market, from planting bases, scientific and technological support, to create a brand, logistics platform, the five Central Asian markets a link through to form a complete industrial chain of agriculture, to create a green channel China quality agricultural products.

The company has always been to "adhere to a first-class management, provide first-class services, and create first-class enterprise" as the goal, adhering to the "market-oriented to quality survival, reputation and brand" business philosophy, multi-faceted, the whole point of building fast direct sales channel, to provide our clients with natural, healthy variety of original ecological quality green products in an effort to fight the companies have an influence and visibility of agricultural production and the flow of trade and export enterprises. Company to do the main products: figs, pistachios, cashew nut, almonds, raisins, velvet, bird's nest, sea cucumber variety of nuts and other dry goods.

Guangzhou-mao Trade Co., Ltd. focus on scientific and technological progress, to introduce specialized personnel; vigorously promote agricultural transformation; vigorously promote staff training. Company staff, to pursue "rigorous and realistic progressive unity" approach, continuous innovation, quality as the core, depending on the quality of life, from the customer to God, dedicated to provide you with affordable products and attentive service. Guangzhou-mao Trade Co., Ltd. is willing to work together with you to build a cause benefits of sharing. We welcome your cooperation!


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